What Sort of Dental Services Should Be Offered at Your Office?

They say that a dazzling smile can do wonders for breaking the ice – and it is true that smiling tends to promote trust and break down barriers in both social and business settings. But what happens when your smile is not all that you might wish? This may be because of accident, disease, or the misalignment of teeth – but in those cases, you need to know what sort of dental services are available to rectify matters. Here are some of the services that can help restore your smile.

If you have chipped, decayed or damaged teeth then dental bonding might be a service that can restore teeth to pristine condition. This service uses a colored resin material (that matches the natural appearance of your teeth) which is bonded to the teeth using ultraviolet (UV) light.

Damaged teeth will also benefit from the fitment of dental crowns. A dental crown is a prosthesis that replaces the visible part of the tooth. It then imitates the original appearance of the tooth and can also strengthen what remains of the natural tooth. Crowns are also used to anchor dental bridges.

If you have missing teeth then a bridge might be the solution. It is a structure that spans the gap left by the loss of the original tooth. It is usually anchored between two crowns. It can be placed between an implant or one of your natural teeth.

Fillings are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists in order to deal with cavities. The newest types of fillings are made from resin and glass particles and match the natural appearance of your teeth. The days of silver-colored fillings, which can be unattractive seem to have been consigned to the dustbin of history.

Dental veneers are also popular with those who have discolored or damaged teeth. Veneers are a cosmetic solution that uses a thin covering that is bonded to the front of the tooth, restoring its attractiveness.

For many decades a tooth that had suffered severe damage through disease had to be extracted. Today root canal work is often performed. This procedure removes the root of the tooth, which is then repaired by applying a filling. This preserves the natural look of the tooth and it is far preferable to having it extracted. It does have a reputation for being a painful procedure – but for many people, it is on par with getting a filling.

For those who have lost all or most of their teeth dentures are a cost-effective way of restoring a smile. These appliances can replace an entire set of teeth or, in the case of partial dentures replace those teeth that are missing. they are today comfortable and natural-looking.

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular as a way to restore a dazzling smile. Drinking coffee or tea, smoking or even red wine and convenience foods can cause teeth to become discolored – and teeth whitening procedures deal with that discoloration. Most teeth whitening procedures make use of hydrogen peroxide gel and a light source to speed up the procedure.

There are a number of other services that are offered by most dental practices – consult with a professional dentist to see which one would suit your unique needs – and look forward to restoring that dazzling smile.